What we do

Our services revolve around realising the potential of our clients’ brands and maximising its power.

Our drive is to establish synergies between our clients’ interests and the many media, partnership and marketing channels available, to best convey their message and intent to key audiences.


Media Relations and Publicity

With established relationships and access to some of the nation’s most influential media, we are able to execute effective, message-driven PR campaigns.

We are capable of tackling virtually anything; with specific experience across the tourism, retail, hotel, entertainment, film and TV, leisure, FMCG, retail, franchising, IT, accounting, QSR, health and sporting industries to date.

We offer a full service PR arm: concepting and writing media releases, setting up media calls and press conferences, pitching and directing photo opportunities, developing feature stories, booking interviews, arranging launches, creating stunts and more.


Strategic Alignments

Promotions and Partnerships.

An essential part of any marketing strategy is the use of third parties to drive meaningful association between our clients’ brands and consumers.

By identifying ‘best fits’ with potential promotional and commercial partners we are able to align our clients with worthwhile promotional and sponsorship opportunities that work on many levels.

These synergies create beneficial platforms from which consumer perceptions can be shaped via effective communication and promotional strategies; maximising brand awareness.


Brand Optimisation

Understanding a client’s positioning in the marketplace and establishing ways to convey these attributes on an ongoing and consistent basis is critical to brand planning.

We work with our team of clients to develop their branding, (or their differentiation and promise to customers), and filter this through all forms of communication, in all imagery and artwork in order to create and meet market expectations.


Social Marketing

Use of the many varied and diverse social media platforms is a key tool in many of our PR and marketing campaigns.

Language, frequency, content and imagery direction all form part of our social marketing strategies aimed to enhance traditional media marketing planning.



Knowing where to spend your marketing dollars is a critical factor in business, especially in the digital age.

We have planned simple above the line campaigns through to multi-market, mixed media strategies that all have one thing in common…tangible results for our clients. Our attention to messaging and best ‘bang for buck’ strategies are what sets M10 apart from traditional agencies.



We believe in taking the time to craft the right words to create your marketing messages.

In this content-hungry media environment, it is essential to deliver news-ready copy, ripe for media dissemination. Equally as important is knowing what to say when the media are knocking on your door, with crisis communication and planning a key part of our agency skill set.

From award (winning) submissions to brochure copy, newsletters, eDMS, editorial copy, magazine editing, advertising copy, annual reports, communication strategies and more, we will define and refine your marketing and PR language.